• Distributed Control for the Internet of Things

    The operation of the Internet of Things depends on precise coordination among its components. Distributed control is
    the tool to unleash the potential of the Internet of Things
    as a control network

  • Age of Information as Design Metric for Wireless Control Systems

    Communications and control co-design for age-aware control loops

  • Intelligent Control for Mineral Processing

    AI-based controllers for real-time control of industrial processes.

Latest Publications

Automatic synthesis of containerized industrial cyber-physical systems: A case study

Biskupovic, A., Torres, M., Núñez, F. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 19(7), 8262-8273, 2023.

Contrastive blind denoising autoencoder for real time denoising of industrial IoT sensor data

Langarica, S., Núñez, F. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 120, 105838, 2023.

A cyber-physical system for data-driven real-time traffic prediction in Las Vegas I-15 freeway

Guzmán, J.A., Morris, B.T., Núñez, F. IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, 15(1), 23-35, 2023.


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Modular cloud-based industrial cyber-physical system

Cyber-physical systems for personalized healthcare

Age of Information as Design metric for IoT-based NCS

Industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPS) for smart mining

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Fondef IT23I0058 grant awarded

The Fondef IT23I0058 grant, titled “Cloud Application for Real-time Estimation of the Penalty Factors in the National Power System”,...

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Constanza presented her work in Singapore

Constanza presented her work entitled Stochastic relaxation of the maximum allowable delay for a class of networked control systems...

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Fondef ID23I10206 grant awarded

The Fondef ID23I10206 grant entitled “Modular Cloud-based Industrial Cyber-Physical System for Next Generation Industry 4..0 Applications”, is a 2-year...

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